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Affiliate marketing is used to form an online marketing channel which involves rewarding an affiliate/marketer for referring a user to perform a certain desired action such as to get visitor, a click, registration, install, purchase, subscriber, lead and it has a specific business model to measure those actions namely CPA, CPL, CPI, CPV, CPC, CPM, CPS.

Affiliate marketing can achieve expected results when it collaborates with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid traffic and email marketing efforts. Almost suited with all kind of verticles like travel, e-commerce and service.

Effectiveness of affiliate marketing can not be achieved by just throwing a bunch of links at different websites in the assumption of something will happen. It should be a full-pledge plan, predefined actions to develop a long-lasting relationship with third party websites, media buyers with trusted webspace and build up a valuable affiliate network for your business that will bring quality and converting traffic.

In addition to a successful affiliate marketing, it involves certain business traits such as how affiliate campaign will convert and on a conversion get a commission. Even, Some of the affiliate campaigns follow certain business models which are cost-effective, get paid only if campaign fulfils specified KPIs that refers to performance marketing.


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Our Affiliate management team establish a clear picture of your brand and products to help you stand out of your competitor. Our innovative and strategic expertise along with intensive experience help us to manage traffic on the bases of campaign need. We have practics with multiple analytics tools to measure campaigns success and analyse going campaign for fraud detection.

It's not a negligible point to maintain a trustful relationship with your publishers/affiliates by paying them on a defined deadline. In affiliate marketing, affiliates are core to make the campaign successful and earn expected revenue. This is the reason why we focus on an innovative strategy to build and maintain a relationship with other topmost affiliates to grow your profit. We help you to increase brand coverage.


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